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European elections – Romania

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The right to vote

EU citizens need to register to vote in the European elections no later than 60 days before the election day.

It isn't possible to register online.

It isn't possible to vote per post.

As an EU citizen, you have to register in a special electoral roll to be able to vote in Romania. You need to submit your request in writing to the mayor of the place of your domicile, accompanied by a copy of a valid identity document.

To be able to vote in European elections you must:

You can't vote if you are:

You can vote at the polling station assigned according to your residence. However, voting is permitted at another polling station only if the county electoral bureau or the sector electoral bureau, in the case of the Municipality of Bucharest, confirms that they have been included in the special electoral lists upon the telephone request of the chairperson of the polling station election office.

Additional information

Voting in European elections isn't compulsory for everybody on the electoral roll.

EU citizens that leave Romania don't need to deregister from the electoral roll.

The right to stand as a candidate

To be eligible to stand as a candidate in European Parliament elections you must:

Foreign EU citizens standing as a candidate in European elections must declare that they are not standing in any other country and that they are not disqualified from standing. To do so, they should fill in a standard declaration form which will be submitted together with the candidature to the Central Electoral Bureau.

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