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EMAS registration

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By monitoring and systematically improving the environmental performance of your business, you can help to reduce your energy consumption, make sure that the resources you use protect the environment, and improve your reputation. As a company, you can request registration under the EU's Eco-management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).

Benefits of EMAS registration for your company

EMAS can help your company:

EMAS's registration process is transparent and the environmental management system is verified by an independent third party, which guarantees the credibility of the scheme. Only registered organisations may use the EMAS logo.

Requirements for EMAS registration

To obtain EMAS registration, you must take several steps, such as:

For technical support and information on how to implement EMAS, you can contact the competent authority in your country:

Choose country:

  • Austriaaten
  • Belgiumbeen
  • Bulgariabgen
  • Croatiacren
  • Cypruscyen
  • Czechiaczen
  • Denmarkdken
  • Estoniaeeen
  • Finlandfien
  • Francefren
  • Germanydeen
  • Greecegren
  • Hungaryhuen
  • Irelandieen
  • Italyiten
  • Latvialven
  • Lithuanialten
  • Luxembourgluen
  • Maltamten
  • Netherlandsnlen
  • Norwaynoen
  • Polandplen
  • Portugalpten
  • Romaniaroen
  • Slovakiasken
  • Sloveniasien
  • Spainesen
  • Swedenseen

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If you are an SME, you can benefit from several advantages when you register for EMAS:

Some regions and EU countries offer financial supportOpen as an external linkPDF document for your EMAS application. To find out if this applies to your country, you can contact the competent authority.

Use the available tools and support

If you plan to apply for EMAS registration, you can use EMAS Easy, which is a comprehensive tool for EMAS implementation. EMAS Easy helps your company to implement EMAS in a way that takes into account the size, financial capacity and organisational culture of small businesses. Consult the EMAS Easy guidance and follow the steps for EMAS registration.

For further support for SMEs, check out the EMAS SME corner.

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