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Nutrition declaration

Under EU law, prepacked food that is sold in the EU must bear a label informing consumers about its energy and nutrient content. This is called ‘nutrition declaration' and must appear directly on the package or on a label attached to it. The nutrition declaration must include the following information:

The following nutrients can be indicated voluntarily in the nutrition declaration:

Foods that do NOT require a nutrition declaration are listed in annex 5 of the regulation.Open as an external link

How to calculate energy values and nutrient amounts

The values in the nutrition declaration are averages, based on either the manufacturer's analysis of the food or a calculation using 1 of the following:

The energy value and nutrient amounts on the package must reflect the value and amounts of the food as it is sold. If the product requires preparation before it is consumed, you can provide the information that reflects the nutrition values of the food as ready to be eaten.

The energy value must be:

Nutrient amounts must be indicated per 100 g or per 100 ml.

In some cases, energy values and nutrient amounts may also be expressed per portion and/or per consumption unit. See article 33 of the regulationOpen as an external link.

Authorised vitamins and minerals

Their amounts must be expressed:

Vitamins and minerals authorised in the nutrition declaration are listed in annex 13, part A.1 of the EU regulation.Open as an external link  

How to display the nutrition declaration

Space permitting, you should display the nutrition declaration in table form. If the package is too small, display the declaration in linear format. All information must be easily visible, clearly legible and written in letters at least 1.2 mm tall.

Units of measurement and their order in the nutrition declaration





of which

—  saturates


—  mono-unsaturates


—  polyunsaturates




of which

—  sugars


—  polyols


—  starch








vitamins and minerals

see annex 13 part A.1Open as an external link

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