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EU Ecolabel

If you manufacture products which you believe have outstanding environmental features, they might qualify to use the EU Ecolabel. Today, over 37 000 products sold on the EU market bear the EU Ecolabel, meaning that they comply with rigorous ecological criteria.

EU Ecolabel criteria are defined for a wide range of product groups. Check whether they exist for your product.


The EU Ecolabel:

How to apply?

There is a 7-step application process. The label is awarded by the relevant national organisation (Competent Body) that checks your application.


A one-off application fee and an annual fee are payable to the Competent Body that processes the application.

Application for the EU Ecolabel demands the fee of:

30% reduction for companies registered under EMAS or 15% reduction for companies certified under ISO 14001. Reductions are not cumulative and only the higher reduction applies where both systems are met.

A maximum annual fee for use of the Ecolabel has been capped at:

The annual fee can be a flat rate or based on the annual value of sales within the EU of the product awarded the EU Ecolabel. Where the annual fee is calculated as a percentage of the annual sales value, it will not be more than 0.15% of that value. In the case of SMEs, micro-enterprises or applicants from developing countries, the annual fee is reduced by at least 25%.

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