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Shipping and delivery

If you don't collect your purchase straight away or have ordered it for delivery at home the trader should deliver it to you within 30 days – unless you specifically agreed on a different delivery time.

Delivery costs

You must always be clearly informed of the total price for your purchase, including delivery and other related costs.

A trader may charge you a different price to deliver items to another EU country. This can be justified, as postal charges are not the same in all EU countries.

You must give your explicit consent to any additional costs, for example if the trader wishes to offer you express delivery, or gift wrapping. Using a pre-ticked box on the trader's website does not constitute such consent and you would be entitled to reimbursement of any payment which has been collected in this way.

Damaged goods

The trader is responsible for any damage to your goods from the time they are dispatched until you receive them.

Therefore, if when you receive something that you ordered, you discover your goods are faulty or don't work as they should, you are entitled to ask for them to be repaired, replaced, or, where neither is possible, you can ask for a price reduction or refund.

Remember that you always have a 2-year minimum guarantee at no cost, regardless of whether you bought your goods in an actual shop or elsewhere, for example online, by catalogue or by phone. Find out more about guarantees and returns.

Missing delivery

If you don't receive your goods within 30 days, or within the agreed time, you should remind the trader giving them an additional, reasonable time limit to deliver. For example, if the trader has informed you that your delivery is delayed by a week because of problems with his suppliers you should consider giving him that extra week.

If the trader still doesn't deliver within the extended deadline then you're entitled to terminate your contract and be reimbursed as soon as possible. You don't have to give the trader extra time if they refuse to deliver or when an agreed delivery period is essential, for example, if you need the goods for a specific event, such as a dress for a wedding, and you have informed the trader of this in advance.

Sample story

You can cancel an order if goods aren't delivered at the agreed time

In mid-November Andrej from Slovakia ordered a case of wine online from Italy for his family's Christmas celebrations. Christmas came and went, without the wine being delivered.

As the product was not delivered within 30 days, even though he had reminded the trader and given him some extra time to deliver, Andrej is entitled to a refund from the trader.


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