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Rules for taking cash in and out of the EU and travelling with cash in the EU

Rules for travelling with cash between EU countries

As there are no EU-wide rules on travelling with cash between EU countries, you should always check before you travel with the local customs authorities in the country of departure and arrival as well as any countries you transit.

Rules for travelling with cash when entering or leaving the EU

If  you plan to enter or leave the EU with €10 000 in cash (or its equivalent in other currencies) or carry one or more of the commodities listed below (to the value of €10 000) you must declare it to the customs authorities in the EU coutnry you are entering or leaving, using the EU cash declaration form. EU rules define cash as:

Obligation to submit a cash delcaration and penalties for failure to declare

If you do not submit a cash declaration or the cash declaration is incorrect or incomplete, you will be subject to penalties. Be aware that customs authorities can carry out individual checks as well as checks on your baggage and vehicle. Customs authorities will also intervene where there are indications that the cash is linked to criminal activiity even if the amount is below the threshold of €10 000.


Customs authorities may also require a cash disclosure declaration if cash of a value of €10 000 or more (this includes the items defined as cash in the list above) is entering or leaving the EU by post, freight or courier. In this case, the sender or the recipient or their representative(s) must make a disclosure declaration within 30 days of a request from the customs authorities.


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