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Last checked: 02/01/2023

Driving licence renewal in another EU country

If you move to another EU country and your driving licence expires, you will have to renew it there if that is where you have your normal residence.

No matter the type of driving licence you have – old or new style format-, you will be issued with the new standard format licence (plastic, credit card sized photo card) when you renew it. Your new licence may have a different validity period from your previous one and will be subject to any restrictions or conditions that apply in your new country.

If your driving licence has been suspended, restricted, withdrawn or cancelled in the EU country which issued it, you will not be able to renew it.


If your driving licence is lost or stolen you have to apply for a local one to replace it. Find out what you have to do if your driving licence is lost or stolen while you are travelling abroad.

Country-specific information

Check the formalities to renew your licence or replace a lost one in the country where you live:

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