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Last checked: 25/05/2022

Information points: planned medical treatment abroad

National Contact Points

Each EU country has at least one National Contact Point (some also have regional or local contact points) which can help you with questions about organising medical treatment abroad.

Choose country:

  • Austriaaten
  • Belgiumbeen
  • Bulgariabgen
  • Croatiacren
  • Cypruscyen
  • Czechiaczen
  • Denmarkdken
  • Estoniaeeen
  • Finlandfien
  • Francefren
  • Germanydeen
  • Greecegren
  • Hungaryhuen
  • Icelandisen
  • Irelandieen
  • Italyiten
  • Latvialven
  • Liechtensteinlide
  • Lithuanialten
  • Luxembourgluen
  • Malta*mt
  • Netherlandsnlen
  • Norwaynoen
  • Polandplen
  • Portugalptpt
  • Romaniaroen
  • Slovakiasken
  • Sloveniasien
  • Spainesen
  • Swedenseen

    * Information not yet available.

    Still have questions?

    In your home country

    Your National Contact Point can give you information about your right to receive health care in other EU countries, including:

    In the country where you want to be treated

    The National Contact Point can give you information about:

    Health insurance institutions

    Your health insurance provider can also give you information about your right to planned medical treatment in another EU country. In particular, they can give you further information on reimbursements, prior authorisation and any restrictions to seeking your medical treatment abroad.

    Healthcare providers

    Healthcare providers, such as a hospital, clinic or other medical establishment, must tell you about:

    EU legislation

    Need support from assistance services?

    Get in touch with specialised assistance services

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