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Updated : 12/04/2017

EU parking card for people with disabilities

If you have a disability that leads to reduced mobility, you might be entitled to an EU disability parking card in your country of residence, which should be recognised in all EU countries.

When travelling outside your home country, this EU parking card should give you access to a number of parking rights and facilities which are specific to the country you are visiting.

The relevant authority in your country of residence is responsible for issuing the card, based on the EU standardised parking card model, in line with local procedures.

Using your EU parking card

When you use your card you should display it at the front of the vehicle. The front of the card must be clearly visible for checking purposes.

Additionally, when using your card in another EU country you may display the free-standing notice next to it, showing the side with the language(s) spoken in the country you are visiting.

Before travelling to another EU country, check the conditions applicable in that country.

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