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Last checked: 12/04/2017

EU parking card for people with disabilities – Denmark

Applicable conditions

On roads and in car parks, parking places reserved for disabled people are marked with a wheelchair symbol.

Parking on roads

The following time limits apply in most areas to vehicles displaying the parking card:

  • Where parking is prohibited you may park for up to 15 minutes, but only if you are not causing an obstruction
  • Where parking is limited to 15-30 minutes, you may park for up to an hour
  • Where parking is free but limited to one, two or three hours, you may park for an unlimited time. Unless a time limit is stated on a sign with the wheelchair symbol
  • Where a fee is being charged to park on roads, you may be permitted to park without time limit, if you pay for the maximum time allowed on arrival - check locally

Do not drive or park in pedestrian zones unless local concessions specifically allow it - check locally

Parking in car parks

Car parks offer no concessions to vehicles displaying the parking card.

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