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Online privacy

There are several different types of cookies that you can use on your website. Depending on the purpose of the cookie, you may require the prior consent of your users.

Cookies that do not require consent

The following are some cases where consent is not required:

Cookies that require consent

Some cookies require the consent of your users before you can use them to collect their data. This means cookies cannot be set when the webpage is first opened. You can only set the cookie and use the information collected through it once you have obtained the user's consent.

The following are some cases where consent is needed:

Intended purpose of the cookies

If you use cookies that require consent, you must give the person browsing your website clear and comprehensive information about the cookies used on your website and their purpose. Your users should be allowed to give their specific consent depending on the purpose of the different types of cookies they are accepting, e.g. they should be able to give separate consent for tracking cookies.

Withdrawal of consent

You must make sure it's as easy for your users to withdraw their consent as it is for them to accept cookies. If the user chooses to withdraw their consent, you still have to provide some sort of minimum service for them, e.g. they can at least access part of your website.

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