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Last checked : 20/06/2018

Home country elections

Every EU country has specific national rules on participating in elections from abroad, determining:

  • whether you can vote from abroad
  • whether you can stand as a candidate from abroad
  • which elections you can participate in from abroad: local, regional, national etc.
  • the conditions you need to fulfil

There are no EU rules on your rights to participate in your home country's elections if you live abroad.

To learn more, choose your home country:

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European Parliament elections

If you are an EU national living in another EU country and want to participate in European Parliament elections, you are entitled to vote or stand as a candidate in your host country.

Alternatively, in most cases, you can also choose to vote for home country candidates, stand as a candidate there: national rules apply (see above). You may not do both in the same European Parliament elections.

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