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Parcel services

If you supply cross-border and domestic parcel delivery services (up to 31.5kg) you must provide the following information to the national regulatory authority (NRA) in the EU country where your company is established:

You can find your national regulatory authority in the list below.

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Information updates

You must submit the following information (extra information may be requested depending on national requirements) by 30 June of each calendar year to your NRA by using the standard form (available in the References section at the bottom of the page) or by an alternative method if requested by your NRA:

When you don't have to provide information

If you provide a parcel delivery service and your company:

You don't have to provide any information to your national regulatory.

Parcel delivery charges

Companies in the EU supplying cross-border parcel delivery services have to submit their public price list every year for publication in an EU tool. You can use this tool to check parcel delivery services available to you when you send a parcel within the EU. Standard size letters and correspondence are not covered – only parcels weighing less than 5kg are displayed in the tool.

To view the options available and the prices (without VAT), select where you want to send the parcel from and to, and the product type.

Company name Price


You should always check the final price offer with the parcel delivery company, as their exact price may require precise information such as the postcode in the country where you're sending your parcel. Price information is updated every year on 31 March.

More information on parcel services rules is available on the DG GROW website.

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