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Posted drivers

Your employees are considered posted drivers when performing the following operations:

However, these situations are not exhaustive. For more specific information on situations where rules on posted drivers may or may not apply, read the Q&A on posting of drivers in the context of transport of goods

If you post drivers, you must follow the steps below.

Before posting

You must submit the posting declaration to the EU country your drivers will be posted.

During posting

You must ensure that your drivers have the following documents at hand:

After the posting

Authorities of the EU country where the posting took place can ask you to provide:

Questions and answers on posting of drivers

Payments, working terms and conditions

Remuneration is calculated differently in each EU country and depends on national legislation. As an employer, you must adjust the payments and working terms and conditions of your drivers so that they are in line with the national rules of the country they are posted in. Get access to national information below.

National websites on remuneration

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EU legislation

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