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Last checked: 20/05/2022

Applying for temporary provision of services

If you are moving to another EU country and you want to provide your regulated services there temporarily, you will need to submit a prior written declaration. The declaration should be submitted in writing and at any time before providing your services for the first time. Once submitted, the declaration is valid for one year.

What you need to submit

If a declaration is required, you can submit it directly to the host country authority responsible for your profession (to find out which authority it is, ask the national contact point there).

Your declaration should contain the following:

If you submit a declaration for the first time or if there is any change in your situation, you should include the following supporting documents:

The documents you need to submit may vary depending on your profession and on the EU country where you want to practise it. Contact the host country authority responsible for your profession to check which type of documents you will need to submit.

What happens with your declaration

In most cases, you can submit your declaration any time before you start working in the host country (even if you aren't sure you'll actually be working). Once, you have submitted your declaration, you can immediately start practising your profession.


If your regulated profession is related to health and safety and you don't benefit from automatic recognition, you may need to wait for your host country to check your qualifications before you can start working for the first time. In this case, you will need to wait for formal authorisation before you can start working.

You may need to renew your declaration once a year if you intend to continue providing temporary services in your host country.

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