Last checked: 02/01/2023

Food labelling

All food and beverage products sold in the EU are required to present essential information that helps the end consumer make informed choices while shopping. If you plan to manufacture, import or sell food in the EU, find out what your responsibilities are regarding labelling:

The nutrition declaration provides information about a product's energy and nutrient content. It is required for all prepackaged food and beverages sold in the EU.

If the food products you sell contain additives, you must comply with specific labelling requirements depending on your intended market. Find out what your obligations are:

Food supplements are concentrated sources of nutrients or other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect, whose purpose is to supplement a normal diet. Whether you manufacture, sell or import food supplements, you need to ensure that the product complies with EU rules.

If your business can scientifically prove that your food product has nutritional and/or health benefits, specific rules apply in order to display these claims.

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