Last checked: 01/06/2022

Digitalising a business

When you set up a website for your business, you should decide if you'll be opening an online shop in addition to your general information website.

If your idea is to set up an online shop, you can either:

In either case, there are specific things to keep in mind to offer your customers a transparent and user-friendly experience.

If you choose to use a third-party platform, which is any software developed externally to you or your core website provider, there are certain additional elements to consider.

If you choose to set up an online shop yourself, make sure that is compliant with rules and regulations.

In all cases, be prepared to secure your website against any threats that could ultimately impact your business, such as data theft.

Once you have completed a sale online, remember to also consider your obligations related to deliveries, fulfilment, and any type of customer service.

Promoting your business online is another important part of digitalisation. Remember to adhere to specific rules related to business practices online to keep your promotional efforts fair and transparent to your customers. 

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