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Last checked: 12/04/2017

EU parking card for people with disabilities – Sweden

Applicable conditions

Parking cards only exempt holders from local road traffic regulations governing parking. Local traffic regulations are usually determined by the district authority and denoted by road signs.

Parking spaces reserved especially for the physically disabled with parking cards on road and in car parks are marked with a wheelchair symbol.

In some districts parking is free for those displaying a parking card.

Parking on roads

Parking for up to three hours is permitted in areas where parking is prohibited or permitted for periods shorter than three hours under local road traffic regulations.

  • Parking for up to 24 hours is permitted in areas where parking is permitted for periods of between three hours and 24 hours under local traffic regulations.
  • Parking in pedestrian precincts is permitted for up to three hours.
  • Parking is permitted in parking spaces reserved for the physically disabled with a parking card under local road traffic regulations. The maximum parking time for the parking space in question must be observed.
  • You may not park in parking spaces intended for a specific purpose or type of vehicle.

Parking in car parks

The rules set out under the above heading parking on roads also apply to public car parks. Landowners may permit or prohibit all car parking, including people who possess a parking card.

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