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Last checked: 12/04/2017

EU parking card for people with disabilities – Germany

Applicable conditions

On roads and in car parks, parking places reserved for disabled people are marked with a wheelchair symbol. Do not park if the space is marked with a person's name, a vehicle registration number or a parking card number, reserving it for other disabled people.

Parking on roads

  • You may park for up to three hours on roads or in zones where waiting is otherwise prohibited. You have to show the time of arrival with a parking disc.
  • You may exceed the parking time on roads or in zones where parking time is restricted.
  • You may park free of charge and without time limit in parking places or on roads where payment is required through pay and display machines or parking meters and where the parking time is limited.
  • You may park in parking places reserved for residents for up to three hours.
  • You may park outside the marked spaces, in traffic-calm areas, provided you do not hinder through traffic.
  • Park in pedestrian zones only if local concessions explicitly allow it. You may park in pedestrian zones, where loading and unloading is allowed, during the specified times - Check locally

Note: These parking concessions only apply if there is no alternative parking option available nearby. The maximum time limit for parking cannot exceed 24 hours.

Parking in car parks

Regulations in car parks vary. Check car park notices or ask an attendant.

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