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Last checked : 12/04/2017

EU parking card for people with disabilities – Poland

Applicable conditions

On roads and in car parks, parking places reserved for disabled people are marked with a wheelchair symbol.

Persons with a parking card for people with disabilities may, under the condition that they exercise extreme caution, disregard the following traffic signs:

"No movement in both directions"

"No entry for engine vehicles, with the exception of one-track motor bikes"

"No entry for buses"

"No entry for motor bikes"

"No entry for motorized bicycles"

"No parking"

"No parking on odd days"

"No parking on even days"

"Area of restricted parking".

The above mentioned provision applies also to:

  • a person driving a vehicle, transporting a person possessing a parking card
  • a person driving a vehicle belonging to the institution which deals with the care, rehabilitation or education of persons with disabilities and possesses a parking card, if the driver carries a person having significantly reduced mobility and the person remains under the care of the institution
  • drivers of vehicles displaying the parking card issued abroad

Parking on roads

Do not park on roads where parking is prohibited.

Check locally

  • You may park free of charge and without time limit on roads where payment is required, but only in spaces marked with a wheelchair symbol - Check locally

  • You may park on either side of the road where parking is restricted on odd and even days but only if you are not causing an obstruction - Check locally

  • Do not drive or park in pedestrian zones unless local concessions specifically allow it - Check locally

Parking in car parks

No concessions are offered to vehicles displaying the parking card. But local variations may apply - Check locally

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