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European elections – Slovakia

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The right to vote

Citizens of the Slovak Republic

You have the right to vote at the European elections if:

Citizens of other EU countries

Citizens of other EU countries need to register to vote in the European elections. The municipality will add electors who are citizens of another EU country to the electoral list on request. This application must be submitted by the EU citizen to the municipality in which they reside no later than 40 days before the day of the election. Otherwise, they will no longer have the right to enroll on the electoral list.

Voting in European elections isn't compulsory.

It isn't possible to register online.

It isn't possible to vote per post.

You have the right to vote in the Slovak Republic if:

If you are an EU citizen, have reached the age of 18 at the latest on Election Day, and you haven't received your residence permit in the Slovak Republic yet, but you are staying in the territory of the Slovak Republic for more than three months and want to vote in European elections, you must apply for registration of the first permission.

You should submit the application for registration of the first permission personally at the local Department Of Alien Police where you live. You should attach your travel documents. The responsible police department will issue your​ confirmation of registration of the first permission on the day of submitting the application.

You will be enrolled to the list of electors in the municipality of his permanent residence upon submission of the application and the confirmation. The application has to be submitted no later than 40 days before elections.

The right to stand as a candidate

To stand as a candidate in elections to the European Parliament in the Slovak Republic, you must be either:

EU citizens should contact their municipality or Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic and inform them about the fact that they will participate in the elections to the European Parliament.

EU citizens, who stand as the candidates, have to declare on the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic, that they are not staying as a candidate in other EU member state and that they are deprived of the right to be elected.

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