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Updated : 01/03/2017

Car registration documents and formalities – Finland

Technical inspection test

A car's roadworthiness is subject to a periodic technical inspection test for the first time three years after the date on which the vehicle went into service, for the second time five years after the date on which the vehicle went into service, and then once every year after that.

Legislation relating to the periodic technical inspection testssuomi

If the car underwent a periodic technical inspection test in another EU country, the car does not need to undergo a periodic technical inspection test if the interval between the technical inspection tests fits the applicable schedule for tests in Finland. A registration inspection is required instead in all cases where a car is imported into Finland from another country.

Legislation relating to the registration inspectionsuomi

The inspections are carried at technical inspection centres [katsastustoimipaikat]: Map of all Finnish technical inspection centres

To ensure your vehicle and its equipment are in proper working order and comply with safety standards, it must undergo periodic technical inspections to test its roadworthiness, which generally include the following checks:

  • windscreen wipers working; if any of the windows or mirrors are broken
  • lights – indicators, hazard lights, brake, reverse, license plate and fog lights
  • headlights – position of dipped-beam and main-beam
  • tyres- tread depth ≥ 1.6 mm, load-bearing capacity of the tyres, tyre and rim compatibility, correct speed rating category, wear, number of studs for winter tyres
  • rear-view mirrors – reflecting surface, fixation and adjustment
  • correct functioning of safety belts

All the items to be inspected and the criteria can be found here: Criteria for the periodic technical inspection testspdfsuomi


First-time registration of the vehicle

The vehicle may be registered in any of Finland's inspection stations.

An imported vehicle must always undergo a registration inspection before registration. For a non-EC type-approved vehicle, a single approval certificate is required within six months instead of a registration inspection. The inspections are carried out at technical inspection centres.

The inspections check the vehicle's:

  • technical information
  • structure
  • equipment
  • condition
  • compliance with requirements.

Documents to be brought along for the test:

  • the original certificate of registration
  • a report on the conformity of the vehicle
  • certificate for the gas appliances and electrical equipment (for motor caravans).

Other information: Importing a used vehicle.

A vehicle registered in Finland may be temporarily decommissioned, in which case this information should be entered in the vehicle register. For further information and the necessary forms: Vehicle decommissioning.

A decommissioned vehicle may be re-commissioned again. For more information and the necessary form: Vehicle commissioning.

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