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Updated : 26/04/2017

Registering your residence abroad – France

If you are an EU citizen, you don't need to register after 3 months in France. All EU citizens have the right to live and settle in France - as long as they are not a threat to public order and are one of the following:

  • employed or self-employed
  • not in work
  • students
  • family members of an EU citizen

As an EU citizen, you are not required to hold a residence or work permit. However, you can get a residence permit if you wish.

More details (in French only)
Employed or self-employed
Not in work

Proof of sufficient income - students or otherwise not in work

To prove you have sufficient income, you'll have to produce official documents of some kind, such as bank statements or pension slips. These must provide a clear statement of your income and show that it will continue in future.

Your income will be assessed on an individual basis to see whether it is adequate.

The authorities cannot under any circumstances require it to exceed either of the following:

  • income support allowance (revenue de solidarité active, RSA)
  • solidarity allowance for the over-65s  (allocation de solidarité aux personnes âgées, ASPA)


The amount payable to an EU citizen under the French social security system is assessed on the basis of:

  • any benefit payments already made
  • the type of difficulties the person is facing
  • the length of time they have spent in France.
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