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Updated : 26/04/2017

Registering your non-EU family members in another EU country – Spain

If your family members are not EU nationals, but come to live with you in Spain for longer than 3 months, they must apply for an EU national family member card.

They must do this at an Inmigration Office or a police station, if there is no an inmigration Office in this region– no later than 3 months after arriving in Spain.

Documents to produce:

  • Form EX-19 filled and signed.
  • Valid passport
  • ID (D.N.I.) of the Spanish citizen, or certificate of the UE national whom they are joining to or accompanying
  • Partner/spouse – proof of the family link
  • Children over 21 – proof they are your dependant(s)
  • Children under 21, not living in Spain – proof of the family link or that they are your dependant(s)
  • Parents/grandparents – proof they are your dependant(s)

Residence cards are valid for 5 years.

More details – Ministry of Employment & Social Security .

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