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Last checked : 26/04/2017

Registering your residence abroad – Spain

As an EU national, you are entitled to live in Spain for over 3 months if:

  • you have a salaried position or you are self-employed in Spain
  • or you can support yourself and your family, and you have a public or private health insurance that provides full cover in Spain
  • or you are a registered student at an educational establishment recognised by the Spanish authorities, and you can support yourselft and have a public or private health insurance with full cover in Spain
  • or you are a family member of an EU national that mets one of the previous conditions. The family member can be:
    • If case of a student: his/her spouse or common-law partner, or his/her children
    • In other cases: his/her spouse or common-lay partnr, his/her children or spouse´s children up to 21 years old or incapable or his/her ancestors.

In all of these cases, you must still register with the Central Register of Foreign Nationals (Registro Central de Extranjeros), no later than 3 months after arriving in Spain.

Registering with the Central Register

Do this in one of 2 places:

What you need to take

You have always to attach the following documents:

  • Passport or other identity document (not expired)
  • Oficial form (EX-18), two copies, filled and signed by the UE national.

In adition, you will have to attach other documents, depending on your situation:

  • salaried workers – your contract of employment or other proof of your employment status.
  • self-employed workers – proof of registration in the register of economic activities (censo de actividades económicas) or other proof of your employment status.
  • not in employment in Spain? Proof of:
    • (i) health cover valid in Spain and
    • (ii) sufficient means to support yourself and your family.
    • Pensioners – provide proof of public health cover.
  • students
    • (i) proof of your registration in an educational establishment,
    • (ii) proof of public or private health cover and
    • (iii) formal declaration that you have sufficient means to support yourself during your stay.

More details – Spanish Employment & Social Security Ministry .

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