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Last checked: 13/12/2018

European elections – Hungary

EU citizens wishing to vote in European Parliament elections in Hungary need to register no later than 16 days before election day. The registration application can be submitted on the website of the National Election Officehu or on the magyarorszag.hu website, as well as by letter or in person.

To be eligible to vote in European Parliament elections, you must:

Once the application has been approved, the applicant's name is put on the electoral roll for European Parliament elections. The name remains on the electoral roll until the EU citizen moves to another country or asks for it to be removed.

It is not possible to vote by post. Voters who are in Hungary on the day of the election but not in their home constituency can have their registration transferred to another constituency. Voters who are not in Hungary on the day of the election can vote at Hungarian missions abroad. Voting in European elections is not compulsory.

The right to stand for election

To be eligible to stand for election in European Parliament elections, you must:

EU citizens standing for election must declare that they are not standing for election in any other country and that they have not been barred from standing for election.

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