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European elections – Cyprus

Affected by Brexit?

The right to vote

Foreign EU citizens need to register to vote in European elections. To be registered in the electoral roll you must:

To inform the authorities where they will vote for European Parliament elections, foreign EU citizens should contact the Ministry of Interiorel.

The deadline to register is 2 April 2019.

It isn't possible to register online nor to vote per post.

Voting in the European elections is compulsory for everybody who is on the electoral roll. A legislative procedure is in progress to abolish the obligatory voting. The new development will take effect in the next elections for the European parliament.

When an EU citizen leaves Cyprus, they need to deregister from the electoral roll.

The right to stand as a candidate

To stand as a candidate in European Parliament elections you must:

Foreign EU citizens standing as a candidate in European Parliament elections must declare that they are not standing in any other country and that they are not disqualified from standing. To do so, they should submit a solemn declaration.

For further information, you may consult the law concerning the election of the members of the European parliament.

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