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About this site

Your Europe is an EU site designed to help you do things in other European countries – avoiding unnecessary inconvenience and red tape.

This can mean moving, living, studying, working, shopping or simply travelling abroad. Or, as a company, doing business abroad.

As an EU national – or national of Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway – you have certain rights in these areas. But they may not always be observed when a country hasn't yet fully implemented the relevant EU law.

What information is on this site?

Your Europe offers:

  • information on your basic rights under EU law.
  • how these rights are implemented in each individual country (where information has been provided by the national authorities).
  • free email or telephone contact with EU assistance services, to get more personalised or detailed help and advice.

Countries / nationalities covered

The information on this site is mainly aimed at EU nationals and their families (including family members from non-EU countries).

In most cases, the EU rights described in Your Europe apply to all EU member countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

Sometimes, EU rights also apply to Switzerland – but not always, because Switzerland has signed up to some arrangements with the EU but not others.

Each page of Your Europe states precisely the countries or nationalities to which the information it contains applies.

EU countries are:






















Czech Republic







United Kingdom

Site authors

Information on Your Europe is provided by the relevant departments of the European Commission and complemented by content provided by the authorities in every country it covers.

The site consists of 2 sections:

The citizens section provides examples based on real-life experiences of EU citizens. All names and nationalities are fictitious.

Language coverage

Your Europe offers information in all official EU languages – and the business section is also available in Norwegian.

However, at certain times and for certain content, you may find your preferred language version unavailable pending translation.

Country-specific information will be provided, where possible, in the country's official language(s) and in English.

The European Commission is not responsible for the language policy of external websites.

Linking to Your Europe

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We regularly check whether your links to us comply with this policy.

Promoting Your Europe

If you wish to promote Your Europe, you can use our multilingual promotional material.

Privacy policy

Your Europe adheres to user privacy and the data protection rules governing the Europa website.

If you use the assistance services accessible via Your Europe, you will be informed of the specific details of their privacy policy.