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FAQs Air passenger rights

  • A European airline recently lost my baggage. I complained to the airline, but am not fully satisfied with their reaction. Can I complain to someone else?

    YES - For a cross-border flight, you can contact your country's European Consumer Centre. For a domestic flight, contact a national consumer centre in your country.

  • When booking a flight recently, I was shocked, when it came to pay, to see the final cost once taxes and charges had been added.  Surely, airlines are supposed to make the total price of the ticket, including taxes and charges, visible from the start?

    YES - and the cost of each item (the fare, taxes, charges, surcharges and fees) must be clearly displayed.

  • If I am travelling from outside the EU, e.g. from the USA to Paris, do I have any rights if my flight is cancelled?

    YES - provided your air carrier is licensed in a European country.

  • I booked a flight to Barcelona from London.  Due to heavy traffic, I arrived at the airport late but just before the gates closed for the flight.  I was not allowed to board the flight.  Do I have any rights?

    NO - as you did not comply with the requirement to present yourself for check-in within the time stipulated.

  • Is there a time limit within which I can bring legal action for compensation for a cancelled flight?

    This depends on national law in each European country and will therefore vary throughout the EU.

  • Do I have any rights if I am not allowed to board my connecting flight because I arrived late at the gates due to a delay with the first flight?

    If the delay to the first flight was within the control of the airline, then you are entitled to compensation for denied boarding on the connecting flight.

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