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Documents for minors travelling in the EU – Portugal

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All foreign citizens under the age of 18 who are not Portuguese or not resident in Portugal and who enter Portugal unaccompanied by a person exercising parental responsibilities, must have, in addition to their own travel document, a person on Portuguese territory duly authorised by their legal representative who will be responsible for them during their stay.

The document proving this must be dated and signed, and include the following information:

For minors of Portuguese nationality or resident in Portugal who enter Portugal unaccompanied, border services officers will, as well as checking that they have a valid travel document, check if the person on Portuguese territory who will be responsible for their reception and care is a parent/legal guardian/authority responsible for the minor.

Under the legislation in force on national territory, minors who are Portuguese or legally resident in Portugal and who plan to leave the country (viz. the Portuguese mainland, the Madeira archipelago and the Azores archipelago), travelling unaccompanied by either parent, must have an authorisation to leave issued by a person who has legally certified parental responsibility. While the authorisation to leave is necessary, it should be noted that, as regards border checks, the rules contained in the Schengen Agreement apply to journeys undertaken between States party to the Schengen Agreement.

The authorisation to leave must be in writing, and dated and signed by a person who has legally certified parental responsibility, further conferring the power to accompany the minor on nominated third parties. This authorisation may be used an unlimited number of times within the document's period of validity, which may, however, not exceed one calendar year. If no other period is mentioned, the authorisation will be valid for six months from the date of issue.

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