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Last checked: 11/10/2018

Travel documents for minors – Hungary

Any minor with EU citizenship travelling with a valid travel document (passport or ID card) may enter or leave the territory of Hungary. There is no need for any other special official permit.

However, if such minors are travelling to a non-EU Member State or to a non-Schengen country with only one of their parents, or are not accompanied by their parents but by another person or persons, the persons travelling with them are advised to carry a declaration signed by both parents or by the parent who is not travelling. The authorities of the country of destination may ask to see this declaration in order to verify on the basis of the signed document that the purpose of travel is legitimate.

There is currently no standardised EU form for such declarations. The Hungarian authorities advise including in the declaration of consent the date and place of birth and birth name of the minor(s), accompanying person(s) and parent(s), the minor's travel document number, the purpose and place of the stay abroad, contact details (e.g. country, location, address, telephone number) and direct contact details during the stay abroad (e.g. direct contact details of the hotel, relatives or school). In the case of groups travelling from or to Hungary, a group declaration may also be made to the group escort(s).

The purpose of the declaration is to help combat human trafficking and trafficking of children as well as prevent family law offences and avoid complicated international legal disputes.

Further detailed information on border crossing formalities can be found in Hungarian and Englishhu on the Hungarian Police website.

Detailed information for minors travelling abroad.

The Hungarian Consular Service websitehu contains useful information on conditions of entry to EU and non-EU countries, and conditions for travelling from those countries to Hungary. The detailed information entries for many of the individual countries of destination include a downloadable specimen form to be completed by parents authorising their child to travel, adapted to the data recommended or required by that country's authorities, as well as useful online information about the destination country's current political and security situation, health profile and other specifics, visa requirements, etc.

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