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Last checked: 26/04/2017

Registering EU family members in another EU country – Portugal

Family members of EU citizens who are themselves EU nationals and who are staying in Portugal for longer than 3 months must apply for a registration certificate (Certificado de Registo) to formally establish their right of residence.

After spending 3 months in Portugal, citizens have 30 days in which to register and be issued with a registration certificate.

The following are considered to be family members for this purpose: spouses, relatives in the descending line up to the age of 21, relatives in the descending line aged over 21 who can prove that they are dependants, and relatives in the ascending line who are dependent on the rightholder.

Applications should be made to the applicant's local town hall (Câmara Municipal).The following documents are required:

Generally, the registration certificate (Certificado de Registo) is issued immediately and remains valid for 5 years. It must not cost more than the identity document issued to Portuguese citizens - currently EUR 7.50 for children under the age of 6 and EUR 15 for everyone else.

For further information and the forms you need, see the website of the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras, SEF).

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