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Updated : 01/02/2012


When things go wrong

Repairs, replacements, refunds

When you buy from an online seller in the EU, you have two years to request repairs or replacements free of charge  if the items turn out to be faulty or not as advertised – in the same way as if you had bought them in a shop.

If the product cannot be repaired or replaced within a reasonable time or without inconvenience, you may request a refund or price reduction.

Redress for non-delivery

Under EU rules, the goods you order online should be delivered within 30 days of you placing your order, unless you have agreed otherwise with the seller.

If the item you paid for turns out to be unavailable, the seller must inform and refund you within 30 days.

Refusal to sell

It is illegal for online stores based in the EU to refuse to sell  to customers in a different EU country.

For example, if you attempt to buy music or books over the internet from a seller based in the EU but are prevented from doing so, or redirected to your national web-store (which may have different products or prices), simply because you live in a different EU country, then the on-line seller is acting illegally.

To get help defending your rights in such a situation, contact your country's European consumer centre.

Help and advice

Help and advice

Get in touch with specialised assistance services


In this case, the 27 EU member states + Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

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