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What can I ask?

Your Europe Advice answers questions from…

  • individuals who are nationals of the European Union, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein
  • non-Europeans – if they are family members of an EU national or resident in an EU country
  • European/national information and advice services, on behalf of individuals
  • businesses having their seat in the EU

Questions about…

  • a real (not theoretical) situation – even if it is just an intention to move to another EU country
  • your rights in one or more EU countries and under EU law

Typical areas for enquiries

  • your rights when travelling, living, working, retiring or studying in another EU country
  • the rights of consumers within the EU

What we cannot do

  • advise on issues governed exclusively by national law (we only deal with issues relating to EU law)
  • provide in-depth legal advice, analysis of documents or face-to-face interviews with you
  • replace legal advice from lawyers or provide legal representation
  • take up a case on your behalf or take enforcement action against companies or authorities.

We reply to most enquiries

– but some types of question fall outside the scope of Your Europe Advice and are thus ineligible, such as:
  • simple requests for information that can easily be found on the internet or questions on EU policies
  • questions without a cross-border element
  • questions falling entirely under national law (not EU law)
  • questions about getting grants or funding under European programmes
  • enquiries by profit oriented commercial organisations, e.g. law firms, acting on behalf of clients