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Car registration in another EU country – Belgium

Registration rules

As an EU national moving to Belgium, you must register your car if you are:

Exemptions from the obligation to register a vehicle

As an EU national moving to Belgium, you can use your vehicle here while it is still registered in your previous home country.

You can use it for 6 months if you're not registered in the National Register.


If you are a student in Belgium from another EU country you:

To qualify for exemption from the requirement to register vehicles, you must have a valid certificate of enrolment at the university (or other school/college), and keep it in the vehicle in case of checks by the authorities.

You can get a certificate of enrolment from your university (or another school/college).

If, as a student, you are also working in Belgium, you don't have to register the vehicle and pay related taxes.

Pensioners, second homeowners, cross-border commuters, self-employed cross-border commuters (company cars)

As EU nationals with a second home in Belgium (that you use for no more than 6 months a year), you do not need to register your vehicles here.

Time allowed for re-registering a vehicle

If you change your country of residence to Belgium, you have 6 months to re-register a vehicle previously registered in another EU country – measured from the time you arrive in Belgium.

To re-register a vehicle previously registered in another EU country, go to the Belgian Vehicle Registration Servicefrnl (DIV).

Temporary registration plates

If you buy a car abroad, transit registration plates issued in another EU country will be recognised in Belgium for the purposes of driving your car back to your place of residence.

You can obtain transit plates from the Belgian Vehicle Registration Servicefrnl (DIV) office in Brussels for €30.


As an EU national, if you want to register and use your car in Belgium, you must pay the following taxes:

Registration tax

As the owner of a motor vehicle intended for use on public roads, you must pay a (single) vehicle registration tax.

The tax is payable on all kinds of new or second-hand vehicles (cars, motorcycles, etc.).

When registering your car in Wallonia, you also have to pay an eco-malus tax, if your vehicle is emitting more than 145 g/km CO².

More information on registration tax in: Flandersnl, Walloniafr, Brussels Capital Regionnlfr

Road tax

As the owner of a motor vehicle intended for use on public roads, you must pay an annual vehicle road tax. This tax is based on the taxable horse power (hp), cylinder capacity or maximum authorised mass (MAM) of the vehicle.

More information on road tax in: Flandersnl, Walloniafr, Brussels Capital Regionnlfr

Other taxes

If your vehicle runs wholly or partly on LPG, an additional LPG road tax is payable.

The following categories of vehicle are exempt from registration taxes:

In Flanders:

In Wallonia:

The following categories of vehicles are exempt from road tax:

In Flanders:

Only the following vehicles are exempt from additional road tax:

In Wallonia:

The granting of an exemption may be subject to certain conditions.

If you do not register your vehicle in Belgium, it is:

NB: Residents of Belgium must register their vehicles in Belgium and may only drive with non-Belgian number plates if certain strict conditions are met.

If you are not resident in Belgium but use a vehicle in Belgium on a permanent basis, you must pay the annual road tax and the additional road tax.

Full or partial exemption from the additional road tax is granted to:

Vehicle taxes

In Flanders:

Vehicles temporarily imported by persons having their normal residence abroad are exempted from the annual circulation tax.

The exemption only applies to:

This 6-month period may be changed to:

Vehicles are taxable under the annual road tax and the additional road tax until registration with the DIV is cancelled by deleting the vehicle registration plate or replacing the vehicle under the same vehicle registration plate. Taxability ends on the last day of the month preceding the month of deletion/replacement.

Exemption from the road tax and, if applicable, the additional road tax is granted for the months of the taxable period that have not fully elapsed. In principle, the one-off registration tax remains due, unless the taxpayer can invoke the following exemption: no registration tax is due if the passenger car, dual-use car, minibus or motorcycle is transferred to another state of the European Economic Area within 6 months of registration and is registered there under a definitive arrangement.

More information: https://belastingen.vlaanderen.be/belasting-op-inverkeerstellingnl

In Brussels:

More information: https://finances.belgium.be/fr/particuliers/transport/immatriculation_et_impots/taxe_de_mise_en_circulationnlfr

In Wallonia:

More information: http://www.wallonie.be/fr/taxe-de-mise-en-circulationfr

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