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Getting a driving licence in the EU – Germany

EU driving licences - conditions

Driver training & driving test

To obtain a driving licence, you:

  • must sign up with an approved driving school for at least 14 hours of theory classes for class B and 16 hours for classes A, A1, A2. There are no minimum requirements for the number of hours of practical training. In Germany there are only minimum requirements for special practical training. The instructor must be convinced that the the candidate is apt to take the exam.
  • must pass a theory exam and a practical test held by an authorized expert.

Please check the addresses of German driving licence authorities listed alphabetically in ascending order based on the location of the driving license authority and after authorities' designation (county name).

Age requirement

The minimum age at which you can obtain a driving licence is:

Category A1 (up to 125 cc) 16 years
Category A2 (up to 35 kW cc) 18 years
Category A (over 35 kW cc) 24 years
Category B (passenger cars) 18 years

Fitness to drive

If you wish to renew an EU driving licence class A and B, you do not need to undergo a medical check.

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