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Getting a driving licence in the EU – Bulgaria

Conditions for obtaining a driving licence valid in EU countries

To obtain a driving licence you must register at an approved driving school for at least 40 hours of theoretical instruction and 31 actual driving lessons of 50 minutes each. You have to take the school's internal theory and practical tests and then the official ones conducted by the "Road Transport Administration" Executive Agencybg .

A driving licence is issued once the applicant has obtained the requisite certificate under the Road Traffic Act. Driving licences are issued and exchanged on the basis of an application completed on the appropriate form and submitted in person at one of the traffic police units (under the purview of the Provincial Directorates of the Ministry of the Interior) in the area in which the applicant has his or her permanent address, upon presentation of an identity card or a passport. Citizens of another EU Member State, of a State which is a party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area or of the Swiss Confederation who are long-term or permanent residents in the Republic of Bulgaria and hold a valid driving licence from that country can exchange their licence for a Bulgarian one without having to take a test.

Minimum age

The minimum age for obtaining a driving licence is:

Category A1: 16

Category A2: 18

Category A: 24, or:

20 – if the applicant has held a category A2 motorcycle licence for at least two years;

21 – for three-wheeled motor vehicles with a power rating exceeding 15kW

Category B: 18

Regardless of their age, drivers applying for their licence to be exchanged have to undergo a medical examination.

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