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Updated : 26/04/2017

Registering your residence abroad – Romania

To stay in Romania for more than 3 months, EU citizens must register their residence and obtain a registration certificate with the territorial units of the General Inspectorate for Immigration

Inactive citizens (pensioners, self-sufficient persons) must prove they have sufficient resources to support themselves; as proof, they can present the following documents:

  • pension slip issued at earliest 3 months before the date of entry on the territory of Romania (other similar document)
  • statement concerning the global income tax for the year prior to the date of entry on the territory of Romania (other similar document)
  • bank account statement or other equivalent documents certifying that the applicant earns the necessary revenues to ensure subsistence
  • if you come to Romania to study, you can submit a certified declaration stating that you are able to support yourself.

You don't need to carry your registration certificate at all times.

If you don't register your residence, you could incur a fine of 25 to 50 lei.

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