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Registering your residence abroad – Malta

Does your country require EU citizens to register after 3 months?

There is an obligation to register one's presence with the Department for Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs if one intends to reside in Malta for more than 3 months in exercise of a Treaty Right (article 3(1) of the Free Movement of European Union Nationals and their Family Members Order (LN 191 of 2007) )  or in case of job seekers after 6 months of residence.
   Where do EU citizens need to go to register their residence?

Department for Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs
Evans Building
St Elmo's Square
   What documents are required as proof of sufficient resources for inactive citizens (pensioners, self-sufficient persons)?

This can be any proof that the person is receiving the required income or has sufficient resources in the bank (eg bank statements, entitlement certificates etc)

   Does your country impose the obligation on EU citizens to carry their registration certificate at all times?

Registration certificates should be produced on demand by any police officer or within twenty-four hours.

   What are the consequences for not carrying a registration certificate at all times?

If such document is not produced within twenty-fours hours after the demand is made by a police officer, there is a penalty of 232.94 Euros and an additional penalty of 11.65 Euros for every day that the failure continues.
   What are the sanctions for failing to register?

There are no separate sanctions for failure to register.

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