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Updated : 02/08/2017

Registering your residence abroad – Estonia

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You must register your residence within 3 months of arrival.

To register your residence you should go to the local government authority nearest to your place of residence in Estonia.

Inactive citizens (pensioners, self-sufficient persons) don't need to submit any proof of sufficient resources.

As an EU citizen, you obtain the right of temporary residence upon registration of your place of residence in the population register of Estonia. Within one month from registration of the place of residence you must apply to the Police and Border Guard Board for an Estonian ID-card which certifies the right of temporary residence.

You don't need to carry such registration certificate at all times, but it's recommended.

If you don't register your residence after 3 months you are considered to be a person residing illegally on the territory of Estonia.

Check with the authorities responsible for registration: Estonian Police and Border Guard Board.

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