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Car insurance validity in the EU – Romania

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Third party motor insurance

When you move temporarily to Romania from another EU country (as a student, pensioner, second home owner, cross-border commuter), your existing insurance policy from another EU country is still valid for the period it was signed for.

You can use your existing policy, even after moving to Romania (once officially registered as a resident) from another EU country, for a maximum of 90 days (for 30 days, but no more than 90 days cumulated).

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Claims history

The risk-assessment scheme typically used by vehicle insurers in Romania is called bonus-malus and is based on the following criteria.

  • The bonus-malus system consists of the basic category B0, 14 bonus classes and 8 malus classes. Class B0 is the class assigned to a new consumer, without any insurance claims history.
  • The reduction or increase established based on the bonus-malus system shall apply to all rates notified and charged by the insurance undertaking with which the policyholder intends to conclude the compulsory civil liability insurance.
  • The reference period shall be the calendar year preceding the issue date of the policy.

(1) The events for which at least one damage claim was paid over the reference period, with the driver's total or partial liability, irrespective of the person who was driving at the time of the accident, or the manner in which formalities were made, either through a report 24 drawn up by the police or amicable accident report, shall be taken into consideration for the application of the malus.

(2) If, at the time of the accident, the vehicle had been taken and was being used without its owner's consent and the police were notified of this fact, the coefficient of the bonus-malus system of the policyholder shall not be influenced.

The bonus-malus classes and coefficients related thereto are set out in Annexe No. 5.

(1) If no paid damages were registered over the reference period, policyholders shall be given a bonus, i.e. reduction of the insurance premium, as follows:

a) one class, if the new policy is concluded for 6 months;

b) two classes, if the new policy is concluded for one year.

(2) If paid damages were registered over the reference period, policyholders shall be penalised through the application of a malus, i.e. increase of the insurance premium, according to the table of Annex No. 5.

(3) No more than one malus may be applied over the reference period.

(1) If a policyholder owns more than one vehicle, the bonus-malus system shall apply for each vehicle.

(2) If the insured vehicle is transferred /deregistered, the new bonus-malus class for the newly-acquired vehicle shall be established considering the policyholder's previous bonus-malus class.

If, due to technical reasons, the CEDAM database is not available for search purposes, or the data offered are not consistent with the documents submitted by the policyholder, the insurer may establish the loss history based on the documents made available by the policyholder.

If you are an EU national, insurers in Romania are required by law to recognise your no-claims history in another EU country and factor this into your premium.

MTPL insurers authorized in Romania accept certificates on the claim rate history issued in another EU Member State, but in all cases it is considering ways of applying the bonus-malus system in Romania as it is regulated by the national legislation.

Dispute resolution

If you don't agree with an insurance payout or any other decision taken by your insurer, you can contact the insurance company involved and/or the Financial Supervisory Authority

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