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Car insurance validity in the EU – Hungary

Affected by Brexit?

Car insurance

When moving to Hungary from another EU country temporarily (e.g. as a student, pensioner, home owner or cross-border commuter), your existing insurance policy valid in another EU country can remain valid for a certain period, under certain conditions and restrictions.

When moving to Hungary from another EU country, the details of your insurance policy and its general terms and conditions must contain information on the validity of the insurance.

Details of claims

Insurance companies in Hungary reward clean driving records with discounts according to a rising bonus scale. The so-called bonus-malus ranking influences the premium paid by all policyholders. If a claim is made, the discount may be lost, and the policy moves down the bonus scale. The bonus-malus mechanism is a system consisting of several grades applying to passenger cars, motorcycles, buses, lorries, trailers and tractors. It consists of 10 bonus grades (with a discount awarded each time there is an increase) and 4 malus (negative) grades, starting at base level A00.

If you are an EU citizen, then under Decree No 21/2011 of 10 June 2013 of the Minister for National Economyhu insurers are required to provide the same discounts on the basis of claims history statements issued in another Member State as for those issued in Hungary. It is therefore essential that statements issued in another Member State contain all the information required by Hungarian insurers.

The details on claims history kept on record by most Member States are sufficient to comply with the Hungarian rules. To avoid any inconvenience or being asked to supply missing documents at a later stage, we suggest you inquire in advance about the details required by Hungarian-based insurance companies.

At the customer's request, Hungarian insurance companies must also issue a written statement of claims history within 15 days of receipt of the request, so it can be taken into account by an insurer in another Member State when or even after the policy is concluded. These statements may have been issued by more than one insurer and must cover at least the previous 5-year period (the period may be shorter, e.g. if the customer has only been insured for 1-2 years).

All holders of vehicles in Hungary must be insured. They must take out a policy for vehicle civil liability insurance and pay a fee for it. Where a policy is taken out following a transfer of ownership, the new holder is obliged to take out compulsory civil liability insurance as soon as the transfer occurs. In the policy, the insurer agrees, in return for a premium, to perform the services specified in the policy should one or more of the specified risks arise, while the policyholder undertakes to pay the premium to the insurer by the set deadline.

A mandate penalty will be payable if the holder of the vehicle failed to hold civil liability insurance for a certain period. Since it is a penalty, its payment does not entitle you to receive a service. The customer has the option to suspend the insurance by taking the vehicle off the road.

From 1 January 2017, MABISZ (the National Agency) will be required to issue claims history statements as the claims authority.

Settlement of disputes

If you do not agree with the outcome of an insurance claim (e.g. the payment) or any other decision taken by your insurer, you can contact the following organisations:

Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies

Email: info@mabisz.hu

Our address: Andrássy út 93, 1062 Budapest

Tel.: (+36 1) 802-8499 Fax: (+36 1) 802-8400

Mailing address: 1381 Budapest 62., Pf. 1297


Designated Department

(Until 31 December 2013 – Vehicle Claims Settlement Office (GKI))

Switchboard: (+36 1) 802-8400

Fax for claims-related documents: (+36 1) 802-8499

Complaints: panasz@mabisz.hu

Our address: Andrássy út 93, 1062 Budapest

Mailing address: 1381 Budapest 62., Pf. 1297


Or the Hungarian National Bank, which oversees the work of insurance companies:


Hungarian National Bank

Customer service address: Krisztina krt. 39, 1013 Budapest

Email: ugyfelszolgalat@mnb.hu

Tel.: (+36 1) 428-2600

Tel. for customers: (+36 40) 203-776

Fax: (+36 1) 429-8000

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