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Car insurance validity in the EU – Bulgaria

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Insurance of motor vehicles from a third country

If you move to Bulgaria temporarily from another EU country (as a student, pensioner, second home owner, cross-border commuter), your insurance policy taken out in another EU country remains valid for the remainder of the period for which it was concluded.

Even if you move to Bulgaria on a more permanent basis (and become officially registered as a resident) you can go on using your existing insurance taken out in another EU country until it expires.

Claims history

Motor vehicle insurers in Bulgaria assess risk on the basis of a 'bonus – malus' system which operates as follows: a malus is applied for claims paid out over the past five years. In ranges from a 10 % to a 40 % increase in the insurance premium. A bonus is applied if there have been no claims over the past five years. It ranges from a 10% to a 40% decrease in the insurance premium.

If you are an EU citizen, Bulgarian insurers are required by law to recognise your claims history in another EU country and to take it into account in calculating your insurance premium rate.

Documents issued in another EU Member State in connection with your claims history will be recognised subject to the following conditions: Certificate of confirmation issued by (a) previous insurer(s) and/or appropriate certification from the police.
You have to provide your new insurer with the following documents:a certificate of confirmation issued by (a) previous insurer(s) and/or appropriate certification from the police.

Dispute resolution

If you disagree with an insurance payment or any other decision taken by your insurer, you can lodge a complaint with the head office of the insurance company concerned. If still no agreement is reached, you can refer the matter to the District Court.

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