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Last checked: 07/07/2017

Car insurance validity in the EU – Austria

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Third party motor insurance

When you move temporarily to Austria from another EU-country your existing insurance policy is still valid for the period it was signed for.

If you take permanent residency in Austria the vehicle has to be registered in Austria at the latest one month after it was brought to Austria. Third party liabilty insurance is a condition for registration. The contract must be concluded with an insurance company that is entitled to provide services in third party liabilty insurance in Austria.

Claims history

Austrian insurers use (especially for private cars) the Bonus/Malus system, which regulates that no claims periods lower the premium. On the contrary, in cases where claims have been made, the premium is increased. The Bonus/Malus system can differ from one insurer to another. Insurers are not obliged to recognise your claims history in another EU country, but in practice they do.

Dispute resolution

If you do not agree with an insurance payout or any other decision taken by the insurer, you can complain at the Austrian Insurance Association, Schwarzenbergplatz 7, 1030 Wien, Tel.0043 1 71156 -250 or info@vvo.at.

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