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Last checked: 26/04/2017

Registering your residence abroad – Portugal

EU citizens who remain in Portugal for longer than 3 months have to formalise their right of residence by registering.

After 3 months in Portugal, EU citizens have 30 days to register, after which they receive a registration certificate.

They must apply at their local town hall (Câmara Municipal) and provide the following documents:





Failure to register is an offence punishable by a fine of between EUR 400 and 1500.

Registering or remaining registered without meeting the necessary conditions is an offence punishable by a fine of between EUR 500 and 2500.

In the event of an abuse of the law, fraud, or false marriage or partnership of convenience, residence rights will be refused and withdrawn.

For further information and the necessary forms, see the website of the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras, SEF).

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