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Last checked: 07/03/2019

Registering your residence abroad – Greece

EU citizens who are going to reside in Greece for more than three months are obliged, after the end of the quarter, to appear in person to Police's Aliens authorities of their place of residence and register themselves. The above-mentioned authorities issue a registration certificate directly, stating the full name and address of the person registered and the date of registration.

The competent police authorities responsible for registering the residence of EU citizens are Regional Departments of Aliens in the regions of Attica and Thessaloniki, Security Sub-Divisions, Security Departments and Police's Aliens Departments in their place of residence for the rest of the country.

Citizens not exercising an economic activity (pensioners, self-sufficient persons) must present the following documents as proof of evidence:

When assessing a person's sufficient resources, the authority takes into account shall be his/her personal status as well as the amount of the minimum pension granted in Greece.

You must carry your registration certificate at all times.

Non-compliance with the registration requirement can incur fine.

For further information on the competent police authorities responsible for registration, you may contact:

Hellenic Police Headquarters

Aliens Division

Unit of Citizenship, Homogeneous and EU citizens

Tel: +302131520427

e-mail: ad_omg.bu1@astynomia.gr

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