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Expired or lost passports – Portugal

To enter or leave Portuguese territory, foreign citizens have to hold an accepted and valid travel document. The  travel document must bear a validity date which supersedes the duration of the stay, except if the holder is a foreign resident in Portugal.

The foreign citizens listed below may also enter or leave Portugal:
a) Nationals of States with which Portugal has international conventions and therefore may enter the country with an ID card or equivalent document;
b) Those who are covered by relevant conventions between the States which are parties to NATO;
c) Those who hold a ‘laissez-passer' issued by authorities of their home countries or of the countries that represent them;
d) Those who hold a pilot's licence or a crew membership certificate as per annexes 1 and 9 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation, or other documents that replace them when on duty;
e) Those that hold an identification document of maritime worker as per Convention 108 of the International Labour Organization when on duty;
f) Those who are nationals of States with which Portugal has international conventions under which entry is permitted with a maritime identity card, when on duty.

Entry into and exit from Portugal is also allowed with an expired passport, for nationals of States with which Portugal has international conventions for that purpose.

Portugal accepts expired passports of their own nationals wishing to (re-)enter their territory.

As a rule, valid passports have to be presented by Portuguese nationals wishing to leave the territory. Nevertheless, according to the European Agreement on Regulations governing the Movement of Persons between Member States of the Council of Europe, nationals of countries which have signed the Agreement may travel to or from those countries on an expired passport as long as the passport has not been expired for more than five years.

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