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Expired or lost passports – Hungary

You should always avoid travelling with expired travel documents. However, if you are a Hungarian citizen you may, under certain circumstances, travel on an expired passport to countries which have signed and ratified the Council of Europe Agreement (EN) .

The list of countries which are party to the Agreement at any given time is also available in English, French, German, Italian, Latvian, Russian and Ukrainian on the Council of Europe's website. The Agreement with Ukraine and Turkey is not yet in force.

If you have lost your travel document, you must arrange for its temporary or permanent replacement.

In principle, even if your travel document is no longer valid, you can return to Hungary without any particular restrictions or stricter conditions being imposed. However, experience has shown that the best course is to apply for a temporary passport from the consular service in the country in which you find yourself without a valid travel document. This possibility applies for travel via all legal land, waterway or air transport routes.

We strongly recommend that you check the details and conditions before starting your journey (without valid travel documents you could encounter problems with such things as booking into hotels, financial transactions, using means of transport, especially air travel, or crossing borders en route).

Be aware that a Hungarian travel document gives right of entry into Hungary only if it is still valid or has been expired for less than one year. Since 2015 it has been a criminal offence in Hungary to cross the Hungarian border illegally (the Schengen Implementing Convention in large part precludes illegal entry from EU Member States, except where border controls are temporarily reintroduced).

If you are a citizen of any other EU country, we recommend that you always have a valid travel document with you in order to avoid any inconvenience when entering or leaving Hungary.

You can find details of the conditions for travelling on an expired passport in this noticepdfhu on the Hungarian Consular Services website (in Hungarian only).


For further details of the conditions of entry to and exit from Hungary, please contact the consular service at:

address: Nagy Imre tér 4, 1027 Budapest.

tel.: +36-1-458-1000

e-mail: konz@mfa.gov.hu

More information in Hungarianhu and English can be found on the website of the Consular Service.

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