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Last checked: 12/11/2018

Expired or lost passports – Estonia

You may neither enter nor leave Estonia on an expired passport. If you are a citizen of another EU country but you hold an Estonian ID card you may also need a valid ID-card or other travel document issued by your country of nationality as there is no guarantee that your Estonian ID card will be accepted as a valid travel document by other EU countries.

If necessary, as a citizen of another EU country, you can request a temporary travel document.

Upon arrival in Estonia, an Estonian citizen without a valid travel document will be allowed to cross the state border as long as they can provide valid proof of their identity and nationality by means of other documents.

Where a citizen of an EU country does not have the necessary travel documents they will be given every reasonable opportunity to obtain such documents or have them brought to them within a reasonable period of time or to prove by other means that they have the right of free movement and residence.

Additional information can be found in the State Borders Actet.


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