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Municipal elections – Finland

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Foreign EU citizens are automatically put on the electoral roll for municipal elections at the time of registration of residence.

Citizens of all EU countries, Iceland and Norway who are at least 18 years old on the day of the election and, according to information held in the Population Information System, live in the municipality in question at the end of the 51st day before the day of the election, have the right to vote in local elections held in the municipality.

Other foreigners meeting the requirements laid down above also have the right to vote in local elections if, at the time of the election, they have been resident in a municipality in Finland for two years.

Persons eligible for positions of trust in a municipality are those:

  1. whose municipality of residence is the municipality in question;
  2. who, in the election year , have the right to vote in local elections in one of the municipalities; and
  3. who are not under guardianship.

Eligibility and Nomination of Candidates

Voting in municipal elections is not compulsory.

Foreign EU citizens may become mayors or members of the mayor's executive committee.

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